Organised by Kaladhrami

2017 Kaladharmi organized Aarohi – 17 from 22 to 24 November, 2017 at Stein Hall IHC 7 pm onwards, where selected talented artists, who aspire to carry forward the legacy of classical music and make a mark in the world of Indian music, will stage their performance. The performances would be held in a specially designed ambiance of mehfil style. The function highlights the homage to Bharat Ratnas, Pt. Bhimsen Joshi by ace disciple and Bharat Ratna Pt. Ravi Shankar. The programme also aims to preserve and document the various Gharanas and compositions to retain individual flavor of each Gharana. We have already covered 9 Gharanas under KALADHARMI’s AROHI last year banner namely KIRANA GHARANA, MAIHAR GHARANA,LUCKNOW GHARANA, BANARAS GHARANA, AGRA-ATRAULI GHARANA, JAIPUR GHARANA, a new GHARANA DEVAS of Kumar Gandharva style and the last being SENIA BANGESH . This year other than be PATIALA, RAMPUR- SAHASWAN, INDORE, MEWATI AND PHOOLKA Gharana, we will specially present BORISHAL GHARANA of PT. PANNALAL GHOSH and SENIA-RASHAHI GHARANA of one of the Senia of shoot and JAIPUR-SENIA gharana.

Gharanas were presented by :

Anand Gandharv Bhate (Kirana Gharana)
Anirban Das and Diptam Sinha Biswas(Lucknow Gharana)
Shri Gaurav Majumdar(Maihar Gharana)
Shri BholaNath Mishra(Banaras Gharana)
Vidushi Meeta Pandit(Gwalior Gharana)
Ustad Shaukat Hussain(Agra Atrauli Gharana)
Shri Bhuvnesh Komkali(Devas Gharana)
Janab Amaan ali Bangash(Senia Ghrana)
Shri Raghunandan Pansikar(Jaipur Gharana)

Devas Gharana is a new gharana that was created by Kaladharmi.