Organised by Kaladhrami, (New Delhi)

With the changing scenario of performing arts, it is felt that the young professional talents belonging to the art background are drifting away from rigorous training and practice prevalent in Guru Shishya Parampara tradition. Students of the contemporary generation are more inclined towards lighter form of performing arts (pop music) with least concern on laying the right foundation through dedicated systematic formal training.

The continuity of traditional Indian music is facing the challenge of times that need to be retained and restored to preserve the rich heritage and culture of our country of course with contemporary approach. Our music is ever evolving for centuries together, thus a natural progress is inherent in the contemporary style. It is the voice culture which is very special in each individual gharana that we have to jealously guard against today’s crooning.

About 70 years ago major effort was to reach out masses since there was no sound system, today because of the emergence of sound system the character of communication of our music has changed. Keeping this in our mind the talented youth should be encouraged to that extent that they do not run away from hard work, feeling disappointed that there is no market. We have to encourage support and assure them that there is no shortcut to reach the top. If we can support and encourage them financially that would be the true meaning of propagation of classical music without which even film music cannot reach masses. We were the first who introduced Vidushi Kishori Amorkar for the first time on stage. Greatest of our playback singers were all either from professional musicians background or fully train in classical music. Kaladharmi has been working with the objective of identifying young talents and presenting their exceptional performances. These young dedicated artists of the present generation have great perseverance. They aspire to carry forward the aura of classical music of our Indian subcontinent and retain its standard, which is commendable and needs to be recognized. We are aware that “Rabindra Sangeet” is actually preserved in Bangladesh today, in the west Bengal it is only the background music which have been added to a very mediocre singing ,all the great vocalist are no more there.

The fate of Indian classical music is also going through a pathetic stage because of these reality shows on various channels which give an artificial boost to the young talent and just drop them once that episode is over. This kind of musical shows is the main cause of the degrading quality of music in our country. This year KALADHARMI is organizing its new endeavor the Aarohi series AROHI-18 on 18th to 20th November 2018 in IHC Delhi where selected talented artists, who aspire to carry forward the legacy of classical music and make a mark in the world of Indian music, will stage their performance. The performances would be held in a specially designed ambiance of mehfil style. Though we wish to do it in a larger scale with a historic background but the basic cost of the auditorium and sound system is very expensive. KALADHARMI’s endeavor through AROHI has already created ripple among the classical music world. All young artist now a day’s make it a point to announced that his music is authentic. KALADHARMI has at least been able to create this awareness. This year special emphasis will be focused on one of the greatest flutist of world Pandit Pannalal Ghosh .The world of flute was best described by Shri Ghosh who invented the long flute for the first time in Indian subcontinent thus creating distinctly a different flavor to the flute and giving it a status of classical music. Panna ji’s family hailed from Borishal and we are waiting to name the Gharana of Pt Pannalal Ghosh as Borishal gharana for his family to confirm the detail that lives in USA. Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasiya and other eminent flute artist carry forward the legacy. Till the long flute came into existence the sushir vadya( Wind instrument) was never recognized as a serious classical instrument like the sehnai before Ustad Bismillah Khan. Unfortunately Pandit Pannalal Ghosh’s contribution to the classical music world was unlike Ustad Bismillah Khan has gone unsung. There are many eminent musicians who migrated from Borishal to Kolkata for a better living. A special seminar on this gharana will be held in first day in afternoon. We have already covered 9 Gharanas under KALADHARMI’s AROHI last year banner namely KIRANA GHARANA, MAIHAR GHARANA,LUCKNOW GHARANA, BANARAS GHARANA, AGRA-ATRAULI GHARANA, JAIPUR GHARANA, a new GHARANA DEVAS of Kumar Gandharva style and the last being SENIA BANGESH . This year other than be PATIALA, RAMPUR- SAHASWAN, INDORE, MEWATI AND PHOOLKA Gharana, we will specially present BORISHAL GHARANA of PT. PANNALAL GHOSH and SENIA-RASHAHI GHARANA of one of the Senia of shoot and JAIPUR-SENIA gharana.

We are presenting two more Gharanas this year Rampur-Sahaswan and Patiala gharana. A special homage will be given to one of great sarod player pt Radhika Mohan Maitra of “Rajshahi Gharana of Talanda taluka.” We artist do not believe in political boundaries our Rich cultural heritage has always been same either of Bangladesh or West Bengal. KALADHARMI has started the voluminous work of preserving the BANDISHS of these different Gharanas as well as recycling them among the young talent. We are looking for some important connoisseur who can support us financially to continue the work, it is not only the performance the detailed research is involved before the correct representation of each gharana this research involves about 50 lacs per annum which include one scholarship for outstanding young talents. KALADHARMI is fortunate to have the support and blessings of Ministers who are directly involved with culture.

Note: KALADHARMI is one of the oldest cultural organizations in capital KALADHAMI enjoys 80G and 12A of IT and has the reputation of one of the best cultural presentation in capital. We are proud to announce our 50 years of existence in the performing art world. Our short resume is attached.